Congratulations to 2015-2016 SELS Board!

Glad to welcome the new leadership for SELS this year!

President – Ronnie Kadykowski

Vice President- Jennifer Modglin

Treasurer – Ryan Kieffer

Secretary – Kennington Groff

Entertainment Chair – Alex Cuffe

Sports Chair – Natalie Lagunas

Social Media Chair – Jessica Freitas


Congratulations to our new 2014 – 2015 SELS Officers

President – Sarah Stern
Vice President – Jennifer Modglin
Sports Chair – Ronnie Kadykowski
Social Media & Advertising Chair – Kaitlyn Flutie
Secretary – Caroline Doernhoefer
Treasurer – Matt Crawford

Who will take that #2 spot in the BCS standings?

After FSU completely dismantled Clemson on their own turf, we’re all waiting to see if it will be enough to push Oregon out of that #2 in the BCS standings. FSU’s 51 points set a Death Valley record for the most points a visiting team has scored against the Tigers. It is clear FSU has that crystal football in their eyes, but will this huge win be enough to push Oregon down to #3. While FSU fans hope this outstanding victory will be enough, it will cause a bit of a controversy because Oregon is currently rated #2 in the AP Top 25, coaches poll, and Harris Poll.

Don’t miss ESPN’s BCS Countdown show at 8:30 p.m. EDT to see how this controversy unfolds!